Monday, February 23

Weekend Snapshot: Pizza, Pasta, and Gelato!

My family spent the whole Sunday in SM Megamall. It was part of the R&R that we planned for the Big Boy to lessen his stress. He wanted to hear mass in a church that he has not visited before while I did not want to go somewhere without airconditioning in this hot weather. The mall is just a perfect compromise for us. My husband promised to bring us to Amici for lunch and we were excited. It was like coming back to one of my favorite places in the world, except that the one where we went was just a branch.

When Ralph was still studying in Don Bosco Makati, I used to spend the whole afternoon waiting for him in Amici di Don Bosco. The place was run by Salesian priests and the name actually means "Friends of Don Bosco" in Italian. I remember Amici to be a place of warmth and simplicity although it can be quite busy during lunch time. The Italian food and gelato they serve was affordable and delicious. Back then in 2006, I have already heard from fellow Bosconian parents that the priests were selling the business. I think that they have investors and the business has expanded because of this.

Here's what we ordered for lunch yesterday:

Fruitti di Mare - Mixed Seafood Pizza

Roast Chicken - flavored with Rosemary

Cannelloni - filled with spinach

We also had gelati and a slice of Mango Tango but because I missed Amici's gelato so much, I totally forgot about taking shots!

The prices have gone up from what I remember back in the original place. But then, we just spent Php 760 for our orders including a 1.5L bottle of Coke Zero so it's not bad at all for a special Sunday treat with the family. The yumminess of the food has stayed. The ambiance has improved with the cushioned seats and warm lights but they still maintained their trademark chest freezer over the condiments section. You see, the customers need to get the utensils and condiments themselves. Inside the big chest freezer are the pitchers of water and ice cubes. Overall, the SM Megamall branch is the next best thing to being back in Amici Makati.

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3 sweet comments:

i♥pinkc00kies said...

i love Amici!! their pistachio gelato is sooo good too.

Lagawan said...

I Love AMICI!!! It's one of my fave :D

Lagawan said...

I Love AMICI!!! It's one of my fave :D