Saturday, February 21

Turnips For Dinner

I have just received news from my husband that we will be spending the company summer outing at Subic, Zambales. Going to the beach is one summer activity that I totally dread. I am not so comfortable wearing swimsuits and expose my flabs! Because I have also started to accept the fact that this beach outing will be in April and I don't have enough time to lose more in such a short period of time, I started to take some emergency measures.

I remember an aunt of mine who looked slimmer and that her only secret was she only had turnips for dinner. I love turnips so much and I can eat them the whole day. I have started eating turnips not only for dinner but also for snack as well. Hopefully, with this new plan, I can finally stop taking the diet pill that eats so much of my personal budget.

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