Thursday, February 5

The Love Month Meme: How I Met My Dadijun

The Filipino Mom Blog is hosting the Love Month Meme this Love Month. This is my entry for this week.

Here's how I met my Dadijun.

We met in cyberspace, in a chatroom, believe it or not. I was in my last year in college, he was already working. I was just looking around, he was nursing a broken heart. We didn't actually jived at first, he thought I wasn't female because of the nick I was using. (I used my then bf's name, hehehe...) Every chatroom schedules a grand EB, and that is where we met. Actually, up to now, I do not remember meeting him. He said we were introduced by a common friend. After that, he sent me pm's and the getting-to-know-you stage began.

I was committed to someone back then. Obviously, I wasn't happy and serious about the relationship (or else I wouldn't be looking around, right?). I found relief in our chats. Hay naku, if you've known my bf back then, maiinis kayo sa kababawan. As in walang kwentang kausap. Kaya lang gwapo kaya nakakapanghinayang na i-discard. (Ay, maldita at ganda-gandahan ako noon fyi!) Si Daddyjun, ang sarap kausap. He's smart and sensitive.

After sometime, we had our first date. I told my bestfriend and I wrote in my diary these exact words: not boyfriend material. The second date came after two or three months pa yata. I introduced him to my barkada and they liked him instantly. Eh paano ba naman ipinag-drive kami hanggang Bataan for one of our gimmicks! Then came numerous dates after that Finally, we became a couple. And, guess what, we married after 11 months of going steady. Why so soon? Hehehe... go figure!

I was the one who chose our themesong. Naman, first time ko lang magka-theme song. I find it corny. Pero pag in-love ka pala nagiging corny ka. Anyone At All is part of the official soundtrack of You've Got Mail. Our sorority sponsored the premiere of the movie and I invited him to come. Guess it somehow reflected our story, too. (Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fell in love in cyberspace, too.)

Enjoy listening to our song. I included the lyrics below so you can sing or read along with it.

Anyone at all - Carole King

Anyone At All
by Carole King (You've Got Mail OST)

Funny how I feel more myself with you
Than anybody else that I ever knew.
I hear it in your voice, see it in your face
You've become the mem'ry I can't erase.

You could have been anyone at all,
A stranger falling out of the blue.
I'm so glad it was you.

It wasn't in the plan, not that I could see.
But suddenly a miracle came to me.
Safe within your arms, I can say what's true
Nothing in the world I would keep from you.

You could have been anyone at all,
An old friend calling out of the blue.
I'm so glad it was you.

Words can hurt you if you let them.
People say them and forget them.
Words can promise, words can lie,
But your words make me feel like I can fly.

You could have been anyone at all,
The net that catches me when I fall.
I'm so glad it was you.

You could have been anyone at all.
An old friend calling out of the blue.
I'm so glad it was you.

You could have been anyone at all,
I'm so glad it was you.

Daddyjun, up to now, I'm still glad it was you. Thanks for loving me. Love you more!

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