Tuesday, February 3

Garlic Bok Choi

I love leafy greens except saluyot. I don't know what saluyot is in English. But I digress.

Here's one of my favorite vegetables that I prepare and cook under 30 minutes. I am so a fan of Rachel Ray's "30 Minute Meals" by the way. Bok Choi is Taiwanese pechay. We have our native pechay but it did not have the same crispness when I tried the same recipe using the native variety. My husband and guests loved this. I don't know if my recipe is original but I know that I did not copy it from elsewhere.

On to the cooking...


bunches of Bok Choi, separate stalks from leaves
2 tbsp finely minced garlic
2 tbsp sesame oil (but you can add more according to taste)
2 tbsp canola oil
teriyaki sauce according to taste
kikkoman soy sauce according to taste
1 tbsp of liquid seasoning
dash of salt and pepper
around 1/8 cup of mirin (optional)
sesame seeds (optional)

Sometimes, I add other ingredients like strips of turnips and sliced button mushrooms as extenders.

How to cook:

Basically, it's just like your tried and tested saute cooking. The canola oil is used to brown the garlic. The golden brown garlic is set aside and sesame oil is added to the remaining canola oil. Saute the Bok Choi stalks first until it is half cooked then add the leaves. You can also add the other vegetables that you have prepared Quickly season with teriyaki sauce, kikkoman, liquid seasoning, salt and pepper to avoid overcooking. Remove from heat once the vegetable is ready. Arrange in a platter, sprinkle with sesame seeds and garlic. Voila!

Happy cooking!

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