Monday, January 19

Weekend Snapshot: The Sierra Madre Country Club

"This is where I want to go this Saturday" was the subject of the email I sent my husband bearing the links of blog posts about Sierra Madre. We just celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary last January 15. Because of budget constraints due to the recent medical expenses of my father, we opted to go somewhere near and inexpensive rather than our pre-planned Subic getaway.

We left my sister's house at around 7:30 in the morning. We had to pick up my brother and brother-in-law. They were the only ones who were free to celebrate with us during that day. It took us around 45 minutes driving along the long stretch Marcos Highway from Cainta to Tanay. A few kilometers before reaching Sierra Madre, we stopped by Garden Cottages to have a few snapshots taken. I found it hard to take a picture of Rap standing on a ledge because the wind was blowing so hard. He even tripped after this shot!

The hills that welcomed us a few kilometers away from the place.

We reached the place at around 8:30. I paid Php 150 for the four of us, Rap's fee was free. If I have only paid Php 50 for each of us which was the ongoing rate for sightseeing, we could not have gone farther to reach the swimming pools and the Santo NiƱo falls.

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