Friday, January 23

Sunny Days Sweepin' The Clouds Away

Sunny days are here again! Haven't you noticed that lately? It was quite a disappointment for me because I am really enjoying the cooler evenings when we do not have to switch the airconditioner on. It saved me a lot of money last month. Imagine, our bill was down a thousand pesos!

Hotter days are a nuisance. At least to me because I leave the house for work in the afternoon. I realized yesterday how I needed my sunglasses when I went out my door and it almost broke my heart that I cannot find them. Actually, that pair has been with me for almost five years. I am used to wearing it outdoors on sunny days when the sunlight is too much for my eyes. I have prevented so many migraine attacks because of this pair. Now it's gone, or it could just be misplaced somewhere.

Because a pair of sunglasses is very important for me, I have done a little bit of window shopping for a new pair. I am eyeing a pair of Armani brown sunglasses because it looks casual yet classy. The price holds me back though and I just cannot afford it at this time. So for the meantime, and because it is so urgent, I would probably be settling for one with the same style but with a more inexpensive price.

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