Tuesday, January 27

Grossology, A Fun and Exciting Way in Teaching Science

In October of last year, my family was able to experience learning what goes on inside the human body through Grossology in SM Science Discovery Center. It was a fun way of learning everything there is to know about the human body. My son had so much time while tinkering with the different areas explaining certain processes in the body.

One of our most remembered activities in the Grossology exhibit is the one where my husband and son had the chance to make burps. You read it right - burps. The activity includes pumping liquid from a big soda can through a straw. The liquid goes inside the model's body and once the water in its tummy is full, it sounds off a loud "BURP!" that never fails to make all of the kids laugh out. Other areas of interest include "Barf Barf" where the mechanism of vomiting is explained and "Sniff, Sniff" that explained why people stink. There were also other educational spots that teach visitors about the mechanics that are involved in the organ systems of the body.

I do not know if the Grossology Exhibit that we visited is the same as Grossology Exhibit - Orlando Science Center. As I visited the site, I noticed that most of the activities are the same. What I am sure of though is that learning and fun is simultaneous when you are inside the exhibit. The Grossology Exhibit at the Orlando Science Center will be open to the public starting January 31.


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