Wednesday, January 21

Craving For Italian Cooking

I miss the days when we had cable TV. It is more than a year now since we moved here and still no word of cable TV subscription. I don't know why Sky Cable doesn't want to invest installing cables in our village. We have to wait until we reach the 100 household mark before they come in. The thing I miss the most about cable TV is watching the food channels. I am a frustrated chef. I love to cook and I am proud to say that I can whip up something delicious just by watching it cooked on TV. I substitute most of the foreign ingredients with ones that are locally available.

Because I still don't have cable TV, I just try to browse different videos of Italian cooking in the internet. I chanced upon some videos from a San Diego italian dining restaurant and somehow my craving for Italian cooking is resolved. I now crave for Italian food, though. I think I am gonna whip one one dish soon.

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