Thursday, January 15

After All That Holiday Binge Fest

After all that holiday binge comes the hard part of going back to the daily grind; the three letter word that I avoided during the holidays, that is, G-Y-M. I can see my pair of Reebok running shoes staring back at me. "When?", it could have been asking right now if the shoes could talk. I try to look away but deep in my mind I know that I should go back.

I have been so busy with work and other matters that I still don't have time to visit the gym and work out. The holiday season is to blame, too. I had too many parties and gatherings to attend to that I had to leave all the paperwork stacked up somewhere in the confines of my cluttered desk. That time, I decided to just give myself a break.

An option for me is to start brisk walking again around the village as I did when we were still in Makati. I walked and ran an hour a day armed with my running shoes and trusty pedometer. I lost most of my unwanted 50 pounds by doing that. I should be doing this soon. Probably by tomorrow.

How about you? Are you also undergoing the same struggle to get rid of the unwanted pounds you gained after all that holiday binge fest?

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