Friday, December 19

Reading E-books On My Mobile Phone

I use a Sony Ericsson K750i and I have been using it for more than three years now. When this model came out in 2005, it was the phone with the most high-tech features with its 2.0MP Camera, MP3 player, Music DJ, and Photo DJ applications. However, it doesn't have an e-book reader. Nowadays, I really need an e-book reader to catch up on my reading. I miss the times when I go with Rap to school and, while waiting, I just find the most comfortable couch at Starbucks and read the book that I brought for the day. I am glad to discover Wattapad, a site that provides a free e-book reader and e-books for java-enabled mobile phones.

I had to download the Wattpad Reader first to my PC and transferred it to my phone to avoid costs. The reader can also be downloaded through their mobile site. Then I searched an e-book (I chose Twilight), downloaded it to my PC and transferred it to my phone again. What's cool about the Wattpad reader is that I was able to adjust the font size and color and the backgrounds color to avoid eyestrain. I also rotated the text because the screen of my phone is not that wide.

Finally, I have a copy of Twilight on my mobile phone. It's so hard to find a copy of this book nowadays. I can now start reading it on my phone while waiting for my reserved copy.

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