Tuesday, December 2

Happy Birthday, Atty. Claire!

Claire is one of my dearest friends in UP Manila. She was the first classmate that I met on the first day and we stuck with each other till graduation day.

My college barkada (L-R): Mae Lim, Jen Malana-Barasi, me, and Claire Corral

One of my fondest memories of her was in our first year of college. She had long hair back then and most of our block mates tease her because her has is always unruly. Blame it on the long ride from Caloocan to UP Manila. I took the liberty of combing her hair and the comb got stuck halfway through the strands. She never let me touch her hair again after that. I can't blame her!

I can say that she is one of the brightest and best in our class. She was diligent and strong-willed and this trait of hers made her breeze through life struggles with flying colors. I am so proud that she has finally achieved her dream of being a lawyer. (In our barkada of four, she and Mae became lawyers while me and Jen became teachers.) Juggling her duties as a single mom to Klarence, working in a government agency, and going to law school is not an easy feat for the weak of heart and spirit. Claire withstood all the challenges that came her way.

I know that her birthday this year is extra special because it's her first birthday as a lawyer. Hope she likes this simple tribute of mine.

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claire said...

Nice Mau! Lazy today so I started searching for myself in Google and found this article again! Thanks so much Maui!