Thursday, December 25

Christmas 2008

I'm still up! I'm not that tired yet after all the work I did today. I guess it's the holiday high that kept me going. We just finished talking with Dulce, my sister-in-law in the UK. Rap and Olec had a nice time playing online chess with their cousins abroad. This is just one of the benefits of the internet that I am really thankful for. At least, my husband had the chance to celebrate Christmas with his mom and sister's family and his other sister and her family abroad. Not like me.

Mama and Lloyd had to spend Christmas Eve in the hospital with Papa. Ate Do and Jene, and my other brothers Toto and Lucky, came over to our home to have Noche Buena with us. I was caught in between celebrating with my husband's side of the family and being lonely with my siblings. I tried my best to be jolly since I am the hostess and we still pushed through with our traditional gift giving after our sumptuous meal of which I am so glad that my sister-in-law, Ate Cel, prepared. I also cooked the 3 Mushroom Mixed Vegetables and Maki-Sushi rolls and prepared the Fruit Salad for the feast. We also had Shrimp Tempura, Lechon Kawali, Barbecue, Hotdogs, Lumpiang Ubod, Fried Chicken, and Nasi Goreng. We bought a bottle each of Tequila Rose and Asti Martini and cans of San Mig Light but probably because everyone was so excited to unwrap their presents, we totally forgot about the liquor.

I hope they all like the gifts that we gave them. Rap was so happy because he received three new books, one of them is "Tales of Beedle The Bard" that he really wished for as to complete his Harry Potter series collection. I said a quiet prayer to Jesus Christ before I went up to our room because we were not able to go to the town's church to hear Midnight Mass. It was raining so hard and it's still drizzling up to now.

Our Christmas celebration doesn't end tonight. Later this afternoon, we will be going to my father-in-law's house in BF Paranaque to have Christmas lunch. From there, we would probably be bringing them to another malling spree.

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