Wednesday, December 10

Blame It On Annoying Phone Calls

This may sound insane but it did happen to someone close to me.

Imagine a couple sleeping soundly in bed when suddenly the wife's mobile phone rings and it is the husband who takes it. The husband looks at the phone and the number is unregistered in the phone's phone book. He takes the call and on the other line a man answers. It could have been just an ordinary anonymous phone call. Could even be a telemarketer or a bank representative. Except that when the husband answers, the man on the other line says "Hello! How was your day?". The husband asks "Who is this?" and the voice on the other line, realizing that it is the husband who is asking, drops the call. A big fight follows between husband and wife. After a long confrontation and assurances of love, they both agree that it was just an annoying prankster.

Marital spats like this do happen in real life. I don't know what pranksters get from doing this but I hope they do realize that they can ruin a marriage. In the States, there are services available for Phone Number Reporting. Through this service, an anonymous number can be verified. This is not just limited to prank calls but also includes annoying scammers, telemarketers and bank representatives as well. I just hope that we have a similar service like this in the Philippines to avoid the consequences that we suffer from prank calls.

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