Wednesday, November 12

DIY Shabu-shabu

My boys are soup lovers. Soup is a staple in our table especially when our main course is fried food. I, on the other hand, need to have vegetables in every meal. It's my solution to lessen my intake of rice. I need green leafy vegetables make me full so I don't end up eating more than my allowed intake of rice. The best way to combine soup and vegetables in one filling meal is to have Shabu-shabu!

Last Sunday, I was lucky to find a Shabu-shabu package ready for dropping in a hot broth at SM Supermarket in SM City Marikina. The prepared styro pack already has noodles, Chinese cabbage, Taiwanese pechay, corn on a cob, taro root, a tomato, sliced carrots, onions, some squid balls and kikiam, and mushrooms. A pack costs Php 50 ($1)so we got two packs for dinner. I bought around 300g more of Gindara Tofu, Crab Roe Balls, and Squid Cakes to add to our hot pot. A hundred grams costs Php 35.

Back at home, I asked my helper to prepare a pot of boiling water. Once it was boiling, I added two cubes of beef bouillon and the corn and taro root. As soon as the corn and taro root was cooked, I dropped all the ingredients except the leafy greens. I added pepper and a spoonful of fish sauce to taste. I added the pechay and cabbage just before serving. Voila! A warm, filling, and healthy soup on another rainy evening!

finished product

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