Monday, October 20

Web Hosting Window Shopping

I am seriously window shopping for a web host for my blog. Not that I am not contented with the free blog hosting of my Blogger platform, it's just that I feel the need to have my own dot com. Wouldn't it be nice for me to have one?

I frequently ask my blogger and plurking friends for their recommended best web hosting sites. As they give their ten cents worth on the matter and get deep into technical terms, I sank deeper into the web hosting facts abyss. I am totally clueless! I thought what one should just consider is the cost and availability of 24/7 support. There are still many things to consider other than those two as I have been advised. I better leave those things to my more technical husband who, as I understand, works with servers as an IT Duty Manager.

Most of my Filipino plurker friends recommend their current web hosts. I am eyeing on one of their recommendations because this one can be reached for technical support through SMS. That would be very convenient for me especially when I am away from my online activities. Another one is cheap at just 3 thousand pesos ($60) a year and it looks more convenient because I can pay using my Smart Money account or through local bank deposit. A close friend is using one at $5 a month and he pays through Paypal. For now, what's keeping me busy is the thought of having as my site's name or should I change it to a more appealing one. Just forgive me for being an idiot on these technical things. I promise to do my homework before finally signing up for one.

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