Saturday, October 25

Ever Lost Your Files?

I did. Back in 2005 when my 8 year-old PC's hard drive died down on me. I lost all the files that were in there. What hurts the most is that my digital photos and videos of Ralph's infant and toddler years went down the drain. Never mind the other files that I lost, it's the memories that made my knees turn like Jell-O when I realized what happened.

This dNeero conversation is all about losing digital files and making back-ups. I learned my lesson well. I bought a thumb drive for fast back-ups of my worksheets. I also made sure that I uploaded my digital photos to Photobucket and Youtube. I am now saving up for an external hard drive so we can move some of Ralph's PSP games and our digital videos to free up my low tech 40GB PC hard drive.

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