Saturday, August 30

My Disappointing Maki Mi Sushi Experience

This should have been posted exactly a week ago but I was too busy with piled up paperwork to do.

Last Friday, August 22, I bought a tray of Maki from the Maki Mi Sushi kiosk at Robinson's Cainta. The presentation was so inviting so I was tempted to buy a tray that cost more than a hundred pesos. Dadijun and I planned on ending the work week with some unwinding by our bedroom veranda. I thought that Maki would be the perfect pulutan along with the spicy anchovies and the margarita and super dry that we would be drinking. I made an effort to beat the 8pm closing time of our neighborhood mall just to buy the Maki that one of my husband's office mates recommended to us.

So there we were, armed with some 80s music to make the evening more fun. Rap joined us because he was anxious to eat some Maki using chopsticks. Dadijun ate a piece with some Kani on it. Rap tried one with the mango cube in the middle. I was the unlucky one who tried the piece with the spoiled egg on top. I can still remember the taste of egg topping makes me want to vomit up to now. I'm thankful that I was able to spit it out and not swallow it. I was so disappointed. I brushed my tongue and let the mouthwash stay in my mouth a little more to get rid of the awful taste. I won't buy Maki from that store again... EVER!

Here are some of the lessons I have learned from this disappointing experience:

  1. Don't buy food with egg toppings on it especially if you're not sure the time when it was cooked. Cooked egg spoils easily.

  2. Don't buy food to go at night because you might not have time to return to the store and complain about the spoiled product.

  3. Make homemade Maki instead. There are lots of recipes available in the internet and ingredients and materials are also available in leading supermarkets.

(left) The tempting Maki presentation. (right) The spoiled egg maki I ate.

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