Friday, July 25

Have you plurked lately?

Finally, I was able to change the lay-out of my blog. I felt tired of the old layout. That one was done without so much creativity, hehehe. I think I was too busy to put some pimps on it. I was also tired of the black background. I had to make it more kikay. (To my multiply readers: my blogs are crossposted to blogger so contents are the same. The blogger site just shows more of my personality.)

So I was googling funky add-ons that I can add to my site when I stumbled upon Plurk is a site that lets you post short, kinda like friendster shout-outs, to your own plurk profile. However, it has a timeline and that makes your friends aware of your most recent thoughts and vice versa. Plus, every member has karma points that serves as a gauge on how active they are on plurk. More karma points means more plurk privileges. You can increase karma points by adding friends, plurking more often in a day (but not more than 30 plurks a day), and responding to plurks. It's a cool way of getting in touch with friends. I am warning you that it may be addictive but not really hazardous to your health (not unless you get sore fingertips from excessive plurking ;p)! Hope to see you in my plurk world!

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