Friday, May 16


The newest addition to our family is Bronson, our 2-mo old Pitbull. We got him from Rap's swimming coach as a birthday gift. I think that the coach can't take care of him anymore that's why he gave him away. He is one cute puppy but I'm sure he'll make an astig guard dog when he grows up.

We're not really experts in taking care of dogs with breed so we started researching on the net on the do's and dont's of Pitbull care. I brought him to the vet yesterday for a check-up and he received a deworming medication and a 6-in-1 vaccine. He was also given multivitamins because the vet said that he was near underweight for his age. We need to change his pet food for that also, the vet thinks that it's the one that's making him thin. She also said that we should feed him rice and meat so that he won't ask for the more expensive dog food often. But rice is more expensive now than dog food, don't you think. Bronson was also given medications for his skin and coat. He developed a small boil on his head (see the picture). Probably he was given chicken meat by guests in the clubhouse. He can't have chicken or he will have galis. We have to go back to the vet after 2 weeks for the second dose of vaccine.
I'm planning on taking Musmos (our native dog) with Bronson on the next visit. He's already six months old and it's about time for his anti-rabies shot. It's cheap anyway so I can just squeeze it in our budget. Josie, our adult female crossbreed, is back with Ate Do since she already has her own place na. It was quite a saddening experience on both our part and our pet's. The night we brought Josie to Ate Do's house, Junin hugged her so tight. I know he's sad but what can we do? Josie was whimpering as she saw us go in the car. I still don't visit Ate Do's house up to now, I can't see Josie up to now. That dog is so playful and sweet and I really miss her.

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