Tuesday, January 8

My New OB-Gyne

I'm having problems with my cycle again. I stopped taking Diane in September last year and I just had spottings in the succeeding months. I finally went to find a new OB-Gyne in Medical City. My former doctor, Dr. Rowena Rivera, is not under my health card provider. Fortunately, the Chaiman of the department, Dr. Florante Gonzaga, is affiliated with my health card. I also googled him before I went for a visit. It seems that he really is a good doctor, there are a lot of good reviews and referrals of him. In fact, he specializes in infertility.

So last Saturday, we went in for our first visit. I brought with me the ultrasound report that I had in 2006 that showed my polycystic ovaries. Dr. Gonzaga is a very approachable doctor, not intimidating at all considering his position in the hospital. I asked him all my questions and he answered them all while using a model to point to the ovaries where I am having problems right now. I had an internal exam and after that he mad a lab request so I can undergo a couple of blood tests, and urine test. Dadijun was also requested to have a complete sperm count. I was given a prescription for Primolut-N (the pill that I will take for 10 days so to induce menstruation ) and Metformin (Fornidd) to regulate my blood sugar.

Yesterday, we went back to Medical City to have our tests done. I think the nurse got 4 vials of blood from me because 4 tests will be done with that. After my blood extraction, we went down to the clinical pathology room so Dadijun can have his sperm count test. I asked that the results be forwarded to Dr. Gonzaga's clinic. That means I will get the news on the 19th when I go back for my follow-up check-up. He said that I will be given fertility pills this time and not contraceptive pills. So it's official, our Baby No. 2 Project has now started. Hopefully, Rap will be a Kuya soon. Pray for us will you?

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Sharon said...

hi i was browsing the net for any information about Dr. Florante Gonzaga and I was directed to your blog. If you don't mind, how's yout treatment going?
by the way, do i need to make an appointment for consultation with him? how long did it take for the lab test result? Your second appointment with him after the lab test took how long? sorry if you find my queries to be too much. Just want to weigh my options in case.  Thanks

Mauie Flores said...

Hi, Sharon.  I was advised to take fertility pills but I had to go to another doctor because we changed HMOs.