Wednesday, December 26

2007 Christmas Celebration

This is the first time in seven years that I was able to spend Christmas Eve with my family.  Eversince I got married, we have been spending it with my in-laws (New Year's Eve was spent with my family).  This year, my parents gave in to my request to celebrate it in our new home.

I did the marketing and some of the cooking.  I was fortunate enough to have Janet and Jowie (ang pamangkin kong si Darna, hehehe...) help me in the preparations.  It was really a feast!  We also had our Muslim friends come over so I had to make sure that there's Halal food for them.

After the Noche Buena, Rap distributed our gifts to everyone.  Toto and Ate Do also distributed theirs.

The following day, Christmas Day, Dadijun had to rush early to work.  Come lunchtime, Lloyd, Cristy, and Clyde came over and gave us gifts.  I receieved a pair of wedge sandals!  Kuya Edel (Dadijun's cousin) and his family also came over for lunch.  Ate Do, Gene, Jowie, and Lucky arrived after lunchtime and picked us up to go to SM Taytay.  There we watched Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo. Super dami ng tao talaga!  We went home immediately after the movie and had dinner at home.


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