Monday, January 1

New Year 2007

This year, we chose to spend it in our house and not at Pasig. I had a long talk to Mama about it. I felt I was already conditioning them to be used to spending New Year's Eve celebrations without us. Of course, I would like my family to be in our own house to meet the new year. Besides, I thought it would be safer if we celebrated it in our apartment. In Laguna Bel Air, at least, I was sure that my neighbors were not firing high-explosive firecrackers that might burn our house while we were in Pasig. I thought it would be a different case here in Makati.

To my surprise, we were the only ones who lit firecrackers when midnight struck. The neighbors were out of town. I guess they spent their New Year in their respective provinces. (Or maybe in their parents' houses.) Daddyjun blurted out, "Hakutin niyo ang mga handa, punta tayo ng Pasig!". Hahahaha! Still, we stayed and tried to make it as happy and as noisy as we can. Jun became busy with his Bogalicious (a term coined by Ate Do for the PVC Kanyon).

I cooked Steamed Talakitok, Bihon Guisado, Patatim, Meatballs Surprise, Garlic Pechay and Steamed Crabs. Mama Babes bought all the fruits that we displayed on our table that night. She rolled mandarins by the doorway for good luck. Ralph found it enjoyable and throwed mandarins as if he were a bowler! We sang our hearts away to dance tunes, reminiscing our Street Life gimmicks.

Today, at lunchtime Ate Do, Lucky, Jowee came over. Before 2pm, we were already in Waltermart to watch Shake, Rattle, and Roll 8 and Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo. I felt our money was wasted watching the former. I wish Waltermart featured ZsaZsa Zaturnah instead. I enjoyed the latter more. The script was funny and witty.

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