Saturday, December 3

Friday is art and crafts time once again. We reserve this day to let the kids relax and unwind. Meaning, there are no academic subjects pag Friday. Only PE, games, theater arts, and arts and crafts.

Here are my Grade 1 students busy making 3D stars. Ms. Len (my teacher aide) and I used them to decorate our classroom for the holidays. Actually, they have made decors for 2 Fridays already. I'm proud to say that our room is the most "Christmasy" (if there is such a word!).

I'm sad that my time with the school will be almost over. We have to move back to Manila come summer time. Ralph will take the admission test in Don Bosco Makati soon. Daddy Jun has recently resigned from Intel and is now a Duty Manager at Coca Cola Exports (in Makati also).

It's the same thing all over again. Ganito rin dati when I was still in the Editorial Dept. of Saint Mary's Publishing. We have to move to Santa Rosa kasi Intel opened the new site (back then) in Cavite. I had to resign. Santa Rosa has little job opportunities then. Ngayon, we have to move nanaman, and I have to sacrifice my career. Although, I think that I have lots of opportunities in Makati. I can teach or offer tutorial services. Or maybe, I can just go back to my old part-time mommy and wife and part-time grad student existence. Lapit na rin ng thesis ko eh.

What I will miss most are the kids. Next to them are the friendships I have established with my co-teachers and the school staff. Ang school, parang extension lang ng bahay ko eh. Ang saya ng bawat araw.

Haay naku, mag senti ba? Tama na nga, tagal pa naman yon eh. I still have to produce a bright idea for the class' production number on our Christmas concert. Any ideas?


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