Wednesday, June 29

SBD Day 3....

Yipee! I'm on my 3rd "totally no-carbo day"! I need to take charge of my life and my weight issues. I'm diabetic, by the way, so lowering my daily sugar intake would be great. I've read that in Phase 1 of South Beach Diet I can lose as much as 13 pounds. I desperately need that!

11 more days to go before Phase 1 ends, but I really don't have any complaints. Ok lang naman. Mas madali kasi dito lang ako sa house most of the time. I cook my own food. Sabi nga ni Junin, tipid na kami sa bigas. Hindi rin nakakagutom kasi bumabawi naman ako sa vegetables. Minimum of two cups per meal nga naman. And it's good that I get to discover new ways of cooking vegetables. Like the other night, I sauteed kangkong in olive oil, dami garlic, tapos onions. Konting salt ang pepper. Tapos, ang nagpasarap e pinigaan ko ng calamansi juice. Yummy. Pati nga si Daddy Jun naging kaagaw ko bigla e.

Oh well, wish me luck! Pag sexy na ako, I'll post a full-body picture! Gusto niyo naka-two piece pa! Hehehe :)

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