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Tuesday, September 18

Would you go for a face lift?  

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There was one press release sent to me that boasts of the benefits of plastic surgery. The article claimed that it's better to have facial surgeries done as soon as you turn 40 years old to increase the effectiveness and length of the results. Do you agree with this?

I will only be a handful of years before I turn 40 but I don't think I would go for a plastic surgery. It's not because I'm scared to go under the knife or the sight of medical computer carts make me go insane. It's just that I believe that the key to age gracefully and beautifully is by taking care of you skin as early as puberty.

I'm thankful that I'm blessed with acne-free skin and I don't remember ever having pimple troubles. I also make it a point to hydrate and never skip putting on my hypoallergenic moisturizer at night. So far the results are favorable.

So, how about you? Would you go for the quick fix? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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