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Monday, December 27

Re-Leaf Forte Sambong Capsules  

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I have started taking Releaf Forte sambong capsules today. Sambong is an herbal plant native to the Philippines which is known to be a natural diuretic. It was prescribed by my husband's urologist two years ago to treat his kidney stones. Since I'm also having problems with my kidneys, I figured that it can help me. It's a natural herb anyway and I have already tried drinking its tea. Besides, sambong also helps treat hypertension which I also started to develop later this year.

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My father also drinks sambong tea as it helps him with his rheumatism. I fear that I may also be having rheumatism this early. Just this morning, I found it hard to step out of bed and stretch my legs. I'm feeling a dull pain on my right knee. Could it be early rheumatism? I hope not! I hope it's just becaus of this cold weather we're having. I can't have problems with my joints as I'm planning to back to my glass tiles mosaic hobby.

Hay, I better start exercising more this 2011!

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1 sweet comments: to “ Re-Leaf Forte Sambong Capsules

  • John Gizowski
    9:04 AM, January 29, 2014  

    You are either a liar or a hypochondriac, every problem in your family, you have and at an earlier age... give me and your readers a break.